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  Looking for a first-time, or updated headshot? Do you need one, or more than one headshot? Whether you are just getting started, and need something for LinkedIn or other social media, or you are an actor and need 5-6 headshots for various roles for which you want to be cast, we can work together to get what you need. In every situation, we work together on your project, from planning the look you want, to nailing the expression.


A great headshot is critical to make that all-important first impression count and create the best possible impact.

To make that happen, I retouch all final images, to the degree you need and want. Retouching means helping you look well-rested and YOU. The extent of retouching wholly depends on the purpose of the headshot, and your taste. Obviously, if you have your photographer remove all lines, skin texture, and take 20 years off of you, not only will your headshot look plastic and fake, but when people meet you they will NOT recognize you. No matter how awesome you looked when you were 20, that look is not naturally maintainable, and you are better served looking like the best YOU, NOW, that you can be.

Still, there is a lot I can do to help. Good hair and makeup, well-fitting clothes, showing confidence and warmth in your expression and body language, great lighting to "fill-in" lines and wrinkles are all ways I can help. I want your eyes to sparkle and your personality to shine.

There are many ways to create a great headshot, and I'm here to help!


Call me today to discuss your next great headshot.


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