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About Me


I love fish tacos and hydrangeas, my dog Maisie, my husband (not in that order!) and gardening.  My husband and I actually love gardening together. He calls me the foreman and designer, and says he does the heavy work. Really though, that's not exactly true, because I will readily tackle any transplanting that needs to be done, even if it kills me, which a huge lilac bush almost did recently and put me in the ER! I love photographing flowers, really close up.  For relaxation, we love reading and spending quiet days and evenings with a good bottle of wine in Door County, Wisconsin.  

Little makes me happier than surprising people with a headshot that is them, that looks fabulous, and that makes them proud.  Your business headshot, personal headshot, or actor headshot is so important as an introduction to your audience, and I want your new headshot to be one that works for you. Wondering where to get great headshots that stand above the rest you see on the web? Look no further!

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