I love black and white photography, and have a lot of it in my home of my family, creating wall art galleries of all the images I’ve been creating over the years.  I have been working on getting my artwork matted and framed, and on the wall, after so many years of “getting around to it.”  A variety of images related to each other in some way make great wall art galleries!  I like having some unifying theme,  whether the images are all from one photo session, or all of the same people or all in black and white, for example.

When Kim called and told me she loved black and white photography, and wanted some images of herself and her daughter, I was thrilled to help her.  There is something absolutely timeless about this photography, and I think black and white images work well with so many kinds of home decor.  AND, just because they’re black and white, they make great wall galleries!

When there are more than one people in a session, the photographs have to show something about the relationship the people in them have with one another.  And with the fun we  have in a session, we end up with a great series of photographs, that look so good in wall galleries!  A wall art gallery uses several images from a session, and really show off personality, expression and relationship.

I love to use my clients’ own walls to show them what their artwork might look like in their homes, but in a pinch I do have empty rooms I can use as well.  This gives my clients a good idea of image sizes and combinations that work together.  See for yourself here:

Karen Forsythe Photography wall art galleries 1

Forsythe photo wall art galleries 2

Forsythe photo wall art galleries 3

Interested in creating a beautiful gallery in your own home?  Contact me to discuss the possibilities.  Curious about the process?  Check it out here.