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Pricing your photographs

When you put your photographs of your family on your walls, you make your house your home, because now the structure of the “house” shows the people who live together, who have belonged to each other,  and who love each other. You give the physical place a sense of history, commitment and personality.  It’s the people that make your home yours.

Whereas many people think they want just files on a disk, this kind of purchase usually ends up sitting in a drawer.   In fact, only about 20% of people who buy just digital files even know where to find them again a year after they bought them!  If you take the time to get yourself or your family to a professional photographer, then you definitely are cutting yourself short by not displaying the photographs in some way.

I want you to have prints that you will enjoy, whether on your walls, or in an album.  A beautiful portrait for your wall starts at $140, plus the creative fee of $150.  I do have packages as well as a la carte options.  There is no minimum purchase requirement.  You get a digital image for the web of every portrait you purchase.

Photography is a kind of investment in that it starts with what you put into it.  A good investment brings you a greater return, and over time is worth more to you than what it initially cost you.  A great investment gives you deep satisfaction– year after year, long after the children are grown.  Young children get a sense of history, and pride, when they see beautiful evidence of their family from years gone by.  Older people get a sense of accomplishment, and joy, when they see from where they and their loved ones have come.

Do you have a unique need for your business, such as on location or a rate for a group?  Contact me for information on those services.

Looking for general pricing for business or actor’s headshots?  Check this out.

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