It's all about expression and intent. What purpose will your headshot serve? What should it say about you?


Headshots. They’re for everyone.

So you aren’t an actor.  Think you don’t need a headshot?  Think again!  The uses for a great headshot are so broad, that everyone needs one in our media-driven society.  Whether for social media, business cards, printed promotional pieces, speaking engagements, bio page or about page on a website, a great headshot will serve you well.  

Headshots should be simple, compelling and reflect who you are and what you do.  They can be created in my studio or on location, indoors or out.  All headshots are delivered digitally only, in hi-res and low-res formats, and come with a print release.

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Personal Branding

Whether you own a business, conduct business, are a professional, or have a spot on your company’s page, prospective clients what to know who they are dealing with.


Don’t settle on a one-size-fits-all approach when connecting with agents; your headshot should reflect you!  Whether the roles you want are theatrical, or more commercial, I will work with you to get the shots you need, and customize the final images as you need them.  Hair and makeup available if needed!

Your Company

If the face of your business includes more people than just you, then your colleagues and employees should have a mention and profile on your site as well. That includes a photograph!  If you work with a team, then show the team!

Social Media

LinkedIn headshots need to be professionally done, because LinkedIn is all professionals connecting with each other.  Make sure you have a photo on LinkedIn, and make it a great one!  Don’t leave the LinkedIn profile empty;  that’s you calling card on the site.

Scroll through the images below for examples of headshots you might like.

  • Cinematic headshot, outdoors

What to wear

We can talk together about how to put together a "look."  Whatever the look, though, you'll want to be sure to bring to your photo session a variety of clothing options, with a variety of textures in the fabrics, but in solid colors and simple styles that show some neck.  Clothing and jewelry should never draw the viewer's eye to the object or style rather than YOUR eyes and expression.

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