I have loved this spring in my garden!  Cleaning up the yard, thinking through gardening problems.  Our yard is very long and skinny, so one side of it is very shaded, and the other is very sunny.  I have to figure out how to use it the best for all the things I like about yards:  tomatoes, berries, keeping bunnies from berries, grass for playing fetch with my dog, a relaxing private patio for sipping wine in the evening, and basically creating a natural border with flowering shrubs and plants that encourage birds and butterflies–and people– to visit.

I think that gardening fills two things that energize me:  making something beautiful and problem-solving.

Photography is just like that, too, because every photography project has the potential for beauty, but there are always a few “problems” to solve.  Sometimes the problem is that you want an updated family portrait, but your family is never in the same place at the same time.  Sometimes the problem is that you think you never look good in photographs, but your family loves you and wants a beautiful portrait of you.  Sometimes what you think might be a problem actually isn’t one. Maybe you want an extended family portrait, but your parents have difficulty getting around or there are young kids in the family that can’t sit still.  Or you really want a gorgeous family portrait for your wall, but have no idea how it would look, or where to hang it.  These are all normal kinds of “problems” that we can solve together.

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